True one step checkout in prestashop


Even if you set the ordering process type to "One page checkout", the order actually takes three steps:

  • checkout
  • order summary
  • order confirmation


The order summary screen has an important role - it gives the customer a chance to properly revise her order. Even so, some prestashop owners prefer skipping this step. The main argument for omitting "order summary" is that customers may consider the order already finished and do not notice the "confirm the order" button.


How does modification works:

The order summary screen is generated by appropriate payment module, eg. bankwire or cashodeliveryplus. We modify the .tpl file of these modules by adding a short javascript code simulating the click on "Order confirmation" button.



Files to modify:

Modifying prestashop to omit the "order summary" step is not difficult, but must be done fore every payment module separately.


modify the file payment_execution.tpl. Use the copy present in the theme folder, e.g. /themes/yourtheme/modules/bankwire/views/templates/front/. If not available, use the file in the module folder /modules/bankwire/views/templates/front/


Cashondelivery (or the more powerful Cashondeliveryplus)

find the file validation.tpl present either in the

/themes/yourtheme/modules/cashondelivery/views/templates/front/ or


(substitute cashondelivery by cashondeliveryplus if you are using cashondeliveryplus module)


If you are using other payment modules, you will need to find appropriate tpl file used for generating the order summary screen.



1) Add following javascript to the beginning of the .tpl file:



2) Add the id "autosub" to the submit button near the end of the .tpl file

example 1:

original code:

modified code:

class="button btn btn-default button-medium">{l s='I confirm my order' mod='cashondeliveryplus'}


example 2:

original code:

modified code:

id='autosub' name="submit" value="{l s='I confirm my order' mod='bankwire'}" class="exclusive_large" />